Structure & Balance

The Recovery process is about many things, two of which are structure and balance.  We strive to integrate luxurious amenities and fun activities with a core recovery structure.  Equinox Recovery helps individuals find a path to sobriety that encourages inner growth.  Our program was designed to build a foundation strong enough to withstand life’s day-to-day hurdles while discovering a life beyond imagination.

Program phases: We use a simple 3 phase system.

Phase 1

This phase is typically 30 to 60 days, depending on the individual's case and is designed to get residents acclimated to our program, and integrated into the 12-step community.  During this phase residents may not have a car or be allowed any overnight stays or extended curfews.  Staff will assist with establishing a healthy daily routine, obtaining employment, volunteer work or school enrollment.  Residents in phase 1 are strongly encouraged to complete 8 weeks (9 hours per week) of intensive out-patient therapy at The Road Inc.  Transition into phase 2 will be at the sole discretion of the staff / case manager.  

Phase 2

During this phase, residents are required to have either a job, be enrolled in school, or doing volunteer work.  Having and actively working with a sponsor is mandatory.  Residents are permitted to have a vehicle and may be allowed over-night visits and curfew extensions pending staff approval.  Phase 2 residents are held to higher expectations and are to be leaders within the house.

Phase 3

In this phase,  residents are preparing to be discharged from Equinox Recovery.  In order to reach this phase, each resident must demonstrate the willingness and ability to move to the next stage in their lives.  Staff will first verify the resident is actively working a strong program with his sponsor, demonstrates the necessary life skills, has been able to keep a full time job or be enrolled in school, and is financially self-sufficient.  Prior to discharge, staff will work with residents to ensure each individual is prepared for life outside the house by creating a strong discharge plan.  After discharge we encourage former residents to continue to spend time at the house as much as they wish, and join us for group activities and dinners.

Equinox Recovery House provides a proactive recovery environment that offers:

Selective Intake Process:  To ensure a safe recovery environment Equinox Recovery will perform a background check during the intake process.  We do not accept individuals with violent or sexual crimes on their records.

24/7 onsite management providing constant oversight and guidance.

Satellite TV, WiFi, house office and computers, etc.

The Road, intensive outpatient program

At The Road, Inc., we provide intensive outpatient therapeutic services designed to enhance the skills and coping mechanisms necessary for successful transition back into community living.  Our services are delivered by professionally licensed, highly trained clinical staff who receive ongoing education and training in order to provide the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatments for our clients.

Our primary focus is the delivery of addiction services; however, our clinicians have extensive experience in all manner of addiction associated mental health disorders. By incorporating individual psychotherapy, trauma therapy, process groups, psycho-education, and family systems identification we offer a full spectrum of clinical services that give our clients the skills they will need to successfully transition and further their recovery.

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Access to AA/NA Meetings -  Attending a minimum of 5 AA/NA meetings is mandatory at Equinox Recovery.  Staff members will attend meetings along with residents.  Equinox staff will provide meetings lists in the area, rides, 12-step and sponsor support.  

Morning Meetings – 8:30 am weekdays (Monday-Friday) – 9:30 am weekends (Saturday- Sunday).  During morning meetings everyone in the house will gather together for a short meditation and a short reading from the AA/NA book.  The daily plans of each individual are discussed, requested transportation for the day and schedules are shared.  Goals and plans for each day are discussed within the group.  Also, house chores for the day are assigned and executed.

Nightly Wrap Up – Curfew 10:30 pm weekdays – 12:00 am weekends (exceptions may be made for work purposes only) again each member of the house will gather together to discuss our day, any issues, and personal growth.  We hold each other accountable and discuss and support each other’s goals.

House Meetings – Every Tuesday we hold a house meeting with all the residents and staff.  During this meeting we offer our residents a safe setting to discuss issues they may be having with themselves, other housemates , or with the staff.  The staff will also give any feedback, praise or criticism they feel necessary.

Weekly One-On-One Client / Case Manager Meetings – once a week each client will meet with their respective case manager and discuss their recovery with a trusted staff member. This is the time for residents to discuss where they are really at and how they are truly feeling throughout the duration of their stay.

Family Consultation – Case managers and parents/loved ones will have a bi-weekly phone call (more if necessary) to discuss progress / concerns of each individual resident.  Families are able to have direct contact with case managers 24/7, however. 

Job Support – Once a resident is settled in and acclimated, and is able to begin working, our staff will assist with resume development.  Our staff maintains relationships with several local businesses who assist in job placement.  We provide transportation to and from work each day. 

Mandatory Group Therapy – Once a week, our group therapist Jordan Grob, LCSW, LCAS and certified substance abuse counselor, will conduct a private group meeting for residents only.  This provides a safe and confidential setting for residents to discuss their personal issues directly with a licensed professional.  Residents also have the option to schedule individual sessions with Jordan.

Drug Testing – Randomized laboratory drug testing is done on average 3 times per week to ensure no one has an active addiction and to keep all residents accountable.  This is done to ensure a safe recovery environment.

Groceries & Food - All meals are provided to residents at Equinox Recovery.  Our staff will make a weekly trip to the grocery store.  A running list is kept in the house for any special requests.

Group Dinners- 2 nights a week the house will come together and have a meal either in a restaurant or cook out style as a house. This provides comradery and a feeling of a family environment. Then, every Sunday we will meet as a house when several other members of the AA community and past residents will come back to our fellowship and eat a delicious meal.

Group Social Activities- Several days a week, as a group,  we will take the opportunity to have fun, sober and explore the natural wonders that this part of the country has to offer. We will teach our residents to have fun and enjoy life in sobriety and offer team sports. We also include a gym membership as part of our program and provide transportation to the gym daily. Some of our activities include: hiking, biking, backpacking, camping, golf, river floats, kayaking, mountain climbs, go-karting, paint-balling and organized team sports, etc.

Transportation – All transportation needs of residents will be met by house managers.  During morning meditation clients will specify where they need to be and when to the house manager.

Sponsorship Assistance – A necessary part of this process is finding and working directly with a sponsor.  We ensure all of our residents obtain and work with a sponsor within 30 days.  Our staff will assist and ensure each resident finds the perfect sponsor.

Wilderness Therapy – In our own personal experience we have found that reconnecting as a group outside of our daily lives in nature has been extremely therapeutic. We enjoy various outdoor activities such as: bike riding, photography, swimming, etc.

Relapse Prevention Group- We offer in-house meetings discussing each individuals personal recovery concerns and lay out options for certain real life scenarios to further your loved ones recovery.  Relapse prevention is a cognitive-behavioral approach with the goal of identifying and preventing high-risk situations such as substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive behavior, obesity, depression, etc.  This will be led by a certified clinician.

Daily Life Skills and Financial Management – Case managers of individual residents will work closely to ensure the development of life skills.  This includes hygiene, cleanliness of rooms and house, laundry, and job assistance.

Food, Nutrition and Health Management – Gym memberships will be provided to clients for Gold's Gym.  Food and nutrition management will be discussed in a group setting led by a nutritionist once per month. 

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