A past that has purpose.

The founder of Equinox Recovery, Brian Mishoulam, first had the idea of opening a sober living home while in a 12-step based program.  Prior to then, he had made several attempts to get sober by going to various in and out-patient facilities.  Only by living in a transitional home and working a strong 12-step program was he able to finally able to learn to live a clean sober life.  Soon Brian discovered he could once again experience joy and excitement in sobriety, something he hadn’t felt in a long time.  True happiness and total freedom from addiction. Very quickly, Brian realized what he needed to do; offer a place where young men struggling with addiction can go to learn the skills necessary to live sober, rich, joyful lives.  However, at that point, his vision to create such a place seemed so far away and out of reach.  He decided to put his head down and work hard, maintain a strong presence in the 12-step community, and turn his life and will over to God as he understood Him.  Over time Brian’s vision became Equinox Recovery.  Setting real life goals and handling real life problems is something Brian strives to instill in every client.  Individuals come into Equinox Recovery as struggling young boys and leave great men.