Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sober Living?

A sober living home is a house where individuals who have had trouble with drugs / alcohol, but are now living a sober life, have decided to come live together for the shared purpose of living meaningful lives free from addiction.  It is a stepping stone for the transition back into complete independence.

Is Equinox Recovery an inpatient treatment program?

No, Equinox Recovery by definition is a transitional sober living house.  The majority of our residents come to us following the completion of an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Being an aftercare program, we assist in a smooth transition back into independence. A lot of what we do offer may have the feel of groups you would find in an inpatient setting; we offer group therapy in our home several times a week with a licensed clinician, and classes that teach our residents what it means to live a successful life clean and sober once they leave us. Whether it be money management, groups on nutrition and healthy living with the wonderful Dr. Sharon Wallace, to one on one weekly updates with parents.

What are the requirements for being accepted?

  • Residents must place sobriety at the top of their list and show willingness to participate in our program.
  • Residents must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Residents must agree to attend AA/NA meetings, get a sponsor, use their sponsor, and work the 12-steps.
  • When in phase 2, residents must hold a job or be enrolled in school.
  • Residents must submit to random drug and alcohol testing.
  • Residents may not be on any mind altering substances.
  • Must not have any violent, sexual, or arson based felony convictions.
  • Must commit to a 3 month stay minimum.
  • Must be prepared to have more fun and adventure then they ever could have thought possible in sobriety.

What is included for residents at Equinox Recovery?

All room and board, including bedding and bath towels is provided, full kitchen (pots pans,cups…) 24/7 on-site management, digital TV, Internet, home office and computers, washer / dryer and detergent, all transportation is provided for residents without vehicles, gym membership, weekly grocery allowance for residents in phase 1, access to AA/NA meetings, morning meetings, sponsorship assistance, nightly wrap up meetings, house meetings, one on one client/case mgr. meetings, family consultation services, job and academic support, weekly group therapy sessions led by a certified substance abuse counselor, relapse prevention meetings also led by a certified counselor, group dinners 2-3 times per week, group social activities and wilderness therapy, organized sports teams,  nutrition and health management meetings led by our nutritionist, daily life skills and financial management.

What should you pack for your stay at Equinox Recovery?

Asheville has 4 distinct seasons; it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. You should pack accordingly depending on the time of year you will be staying with us.  Aside from clothes residents are responsible for their own toiletries (shampoo, soap, shaving cream…) Many of our residents choose to bring their own golf clubs, snowboards, sporting equipment, or small TV for their bedrooms, but these types of things are optional. Also, feel free to bring any recovery related literature.

Does Equinox Recovery Accept Insurance?

No.  Equinox Recovery is a self-pay facility.  Residents or their families may submit payment receipt to their insurance companies.  Equinox makes no guarantees whether any insurance company will reimburse clients for fees paid.

Why is aftercare (living at a sober living transitional home) important for recovery?

Do people that complete drug treatment just walk out the door clean and sober and stay that wayThose that fully complete a drug or alcohol treatment program have the highest chances of staying clean and sober. However, drug rehab aftercare is necessary in most cases to achieve this.  The National Center for Biotechnology information from the United States Library of Medicine reports that aftercare is cited as a necessary component to treatment.

The tools learned in an inpatient setting are designed to be used once the patient walks out the exit door of inpatient rehab. Aftercare provides an additional level of safety and support for addicts and alcoholics who have recently acquired these skills to practice and institute them into their lives before being 100% free of accountability. Recovery is also an incredibly hard undertaking, and it’s important to take some time to transition into this new lifestyle that undoubtedly seems foreign and almost alien to them. Having a helping hand to guide and assist while also having a degree of added accountability has been found to be extremely beneficial when it comes to being successful. Developing positive relationships and a healthy support networks are also of vital importance to long term sobriety, and living in a sober living home is designed to do just that.

What is the average length of stay at Equinox Recovery?

We require each resident commit to a minimum of 90 days, however after that, the length of stay of our residents varies.  We understand it takes time to get back on your feet and Equinox Staff will continue working with residents for as long as they need.

Can I have a car, cell phone, computer…?

Yes, yes and yes.  However during the first phase of our program, car keys will be held by staff.  Residents may be allowed their vehicles typically after the first 30 days.  We do not restrict the use of computers or cell phones.

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